Just received an email from Gigi who quit smoking a month ago:

It's a bad day at the office and I keep thinking about what I would love to replace my ciggies with instead of food. And all I can think is HUGH JACKMAN . . . <sigh> Can I get some Hugh today in celebration of my one month without smokes?

Of course.

Hugh wants to help with that too.

Here’s Hugh yesterday picking up his daughter Ava from school. Looks like Ava has a little friend coming over too. They’re piling into the cab together. Can you imagine your kid on a playdate at Hugh Jackman’s house?

Now I’ve made it very clear my views on kids, specifically me having them – not happening. But if there could be a contractual guarantee that if I did have one, it would be invited on regular twice weekly playdates with the Brange children, this may be cause for reconsideration. No, not the most honourable reason for getting pregnant.

I’ve often wondered if they make their playdate parents sign confidentiality agreements.

Photos from Jose Perez/Splashnewsonline.com