You want it...

Yesterday it was Rome, today it’s Madrid – Hugh Jackman promoting Wolverine.

Does his hair grow fast, or what?

Feel like it’s longer already. Good that his bangs are pushed back. Scroll down if you missed the photos of Hugh rockin’ the boy band.

Re: Wolverine – something is missing. So far Hugh’s pretty much been on press alone. Perhaps the other fellows, including Taylor Kitsch, will only join in North America? TK is shooting in South Africa, presumably can’t get away. And true, Hugh is the The Face of Wolverine. It’s not like they NEED Taylor, or even Ryan Reynolds for that matter.

But still...

Was looking forward to seeing Taylor on carpet after carpet, if only for the expanded picture option. He shows up so infrequently, I’ve been using the same file photo of him over and over again.

Enough. Am rambling.

The point: Hugh is hot and his hair grows fast. And a little Taylor please and thanks.

Photos from Carlos Alvarez/PEDRO ARMESTRE/