Wear it, Hugh. Wear the sh-t out of that leather jacket, oh yeah.

While the sight of Taylor Kitsch in his boxers certainly gets me swoony, my lady business has always reacted more quickly to a man well clothed, his gait in his a great pair of pants, his hands in the pockets of a perfectly cut tuxedo.

Hugh Jackman in New York today returning to his apartment after an outing with the kids, his daughter’s doll tucked under his arm, so much hotness in his leather jacket and beautifully tailored grey trousers, hair tousled by the wind, aviators, and a beard…

Like, come on!

This man is MAN.

And he’s lovely, and good natured, and faithful, and funny… a cynic has to ask: what is wrong with Hugh Jackman?

Photos from Flynetonline.com