Hugh Jackman. 


Nikke Finke is reporting that the Academy has asked Hugh Jackman to host the Oscars. He’s reportedly considering it very seriously and is expected to make his decision next week, with an announcement likely to come in the new year. 

What’s at stake for him is the whole stand-up thing. Hugh doesn’t want to get up there and crack jokes. If you watched him host the Tony Awards though, you’ll remember, he’s entertaining as all hell without having to come up with zingers. 

According to Finke, the Academy is desperate to revamp its image and raise ratings, appeal to the international market. And with Hugh’s Wolverine expected to be a smash hit next May, he will be connecting with a broad base. 


PS. Granny Fail skipped the Australia Berlin premiere to stay back in London. Gran was also shut out of nominations from all boards while her ex husband Tom Cruise received a Golden Globe nod. Granny must be seething… 

Thanks Amanda! 

Here’s Hugh earlier today at an 'Australia' photo call in Germany. 

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