Hugh Jackman – SO cute with his kids – is spending Christmas in York with his family, having been in Australia the better part of 2 years, he said it would be fun to hang out in America for a change. And Granny Nicole’s not around either. Bonus. Poor Hugh has been, unfortunately, attached her giant frozen Fail at the box office.

But 2009 promises bigger and better. Oscars and Wolverine!

Here he is yesterday enjoying the snow with his kids and visiting Naomi Watts who just had her second. Did they release the name yet? Don’t pay close attention to baby-related matters though have to admit, calling her first son Sasha is pretty adorable. LOVE boys called Sasha. I went out with a boy called Mischa who had a brother called Sascha in high school. Both SO beautiful. Then he cheated on me with a girl from his school who looked like Bonnie Raitt. An 18 year old girl who looked like Bonnie Raitt. Heartbreak and humiliation.

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