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I spend most days sh-tting on celebrities. Because most of them they deserve it. But it’s refreshing once in a while to go the opposite direction, to truly celebrate and GUSH over those who earn their fame and fortune. Like Hugh Jackman.

Love this story from a reader called Olga K who was fortunate enough to spend Canadian Thanksgiving in New York last week. Part of the trip involved seeing A Steady Rain. And then witnessing Hugh’s wonderful rapport with his fans afterwards. Her account is below:

Hey Lainey -

Ditched Thanksgiving last weekend to go see A Steady Rain, and have never been happier to miss turkey dinner. Watched the Sunday matinee show, and sh-t - both of them are insanely talented. The play itself is really well written, and the two of them on stage telling you the story.. .you just get so wrapped up in it that the hour and a half sans intermission feels like 10 minutes.

Afterwards, obviously huge crowds were waiting for the two of them. Stephen Spielberg and his wife came out first - movie deal in the making, perhaps? Daniel Craig stuck around for a bit but kept his head down most of the time and drove away pretty quickly.

But HUGH. Oh, Hugh. He was the life of the party. He stayed for ages, did the autograph and picture rounds of both sides of the crowd. Smiling, looking tired but genuinely happy to be there. Wearing the sh-t out of that fedora.

These two crazy girls came up from L.A. because they knew his birthday was the next day. They had made him a Wolverine pinata (can't imagine that was easy to get through airport security). Look at how pleased he was as he reached out to take it and how he took the time to call the two girls over to the side and actually talk to them, take pictures with them and the pinata. When he drove away and took the pinata with him (after taking a second to wave and acknowledge the crowds on both sides of the street), they nearly died.

What. A. Man.

Hugh Jackman for Thanksgiving is better than cranberry jelly.



He’s a f-cking superstar.

Photos from Olga

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