Don’t know why but my favourite photos this morning are of Hugh Jackman at the playground with his wife and daughter Ava yesterday in New York wearing his styley hat and… track pants. BABY BLUE track pants! Where I come from, dudes who wear baby blue track pants also drive camaros. And here’s the Sexiest Man Alive surrounded by paps at the park.

In baby blue track pants!

Maybe it’s just me, maybe you are not so amused.

Anyway, not that I don’t love the Brange but I prefer them alone, naked, on top of each other, rather than with their kids. If obliged to quiver on the hot daddy vibe though, for me it has to be Hugh. He just always looks like he’s having such a good time! In his baby blue track pants!

Hugh and Deborra-Lee have been living in NY a while now. Since before Christmas. Next destination: definitely not Cuba. Probably LA? Have to imagine rehearsals will be starting soon for Oscar…

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