Hugh is ready for Broadway

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 8, 2011 13:02:07 July 8, 2011 13:02:07

As mentioned yesterday, if you’re in Toronto, or if you can get to Toronto, you need to get to Hugh Jackman’s one-man show at the Princess of Wales Theatre. Because there’s not another performer like him in the business right now. This is not hyperbole. He can literally do it ALL.

Hugh’s Toronto performances are earning outstanding reviews and many have said that they are a major improvement over what he debuted in San Francisco a couple of months ago. After the initial feedback, Hugh tweaked the programme and it has resulted in unanimous much that they now believe that he’s ready to take it to Broadway which, I mean that’s the ultimate, right? To be good enough for Broadway?

They’re saying it could happen quite soon, to build on the momentum and the positive buzz. Word is they’re looking to move around things on his schedule to clear the way for a triumphant but short 12 week or so run in New York. It’s likely but it’s not definite yet so for now, Toronto is your only option.

We have been talking so much about the death of the Movie Star, about the reign of Medium, and then there’s Hugh Jackman, who is anything BUT, and if that matters to you at all, his show is kinda like mandatory viewing. Click here for more information.

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