Ok now I get it. See I don’t watch House. As such, I’ve no appreciation of the hotness of his character and by extension, the hotness of the actor who has so brilliantly created him.

Having seen Hugh Laurie take the piss at awards shows however, his sense of humour is already well known. In person, that sense of humour turns him into a sexy beast. Damn.

He had the entire carpet in stitches yesterday at the tailgate party – self deprecating and sarcastic, it was his first football game, ever, and he was there with his son who is 18 or so and he said that he takes parenthood very seriously which was why he dropped his kid off at the Playboy party the night before and doesn’t expect to see him again for a couple of years. Hee.

For some reasons, I was all about hot dogs yesterday. There was food all over the tailgate area: delicious chilli and beans and smells attacking from every direction. So Hugh and I ended up talking hot dogs and beer. He loves beer. He loves hot dogs. I asked him what his record was. He said 40 ft of sausages end to end. Then we both giggled like grown ups and he cracked some joke about how he’s deceptively tall and wide and can fit a lot in in small spaces and also has a good exit system.

I know… I know… it’s terribly 12 year old high school boy. But wouldn’t you want a toilet humour experience with Hugh Laurie?

LOVE him!

File Photo from splashnewsonline.com