You’re goddamn right, motherf-cker.

The first full length trailer for The Hunger Games has been released.


No, it’s not perfect. Haymitch’s wig is a problem. I’m not sure about Katniss’s prom dress on American Idol there, either. But these are minor, minor, minor complaints. What’s important, the most important, is tone. There is no love in the tone. There is no teen angst about boys in the tone. There is no “girl with a dating problem” in the tone. Rather, the tone is about sacrifice and enslavement and survival, the tone is about fight and vulnerability, about a girl who doesn’t have a choice but to kill, and struggles with being a hero. The tone is all there. And I am officially sold on Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

When she screams I VOLUNTEER?


When she turns back to camera and lifts her three fingers?


I cried!

From relief!

Other observations:

Wes Bentley looks AWESOME.

Still not feeling Elizabeth Banks as Effie. When she says “Welcome, welcome” I keep hearing Fred Armisen as Lawrence Welk. And why does she have supermodel legs?

I get hard when Gale carries Prim away.

In fact, I get hard for Katniss and Gale all the way through.

Peeta is grossing me out.

Having just been to Dubai, I’ve now decided that Dubai IS The Capitol.

When they countdown and start sprinting, I pumped my fist.

And finally...

Donald Sutherland’s voice as President Snow...Are we fighting when I say it’s too... kind and compassionate? Lacks a certain chill?

Here it is. Send me your thoughts. Are you as excited as I am?