Lionsgate sent out a press release yesterday confirming that The Hunger Games will hit theatres March 23, 2012 directed by Gary Ross. Shooting is to begin late Spring or early Summer. No cast has been announced. Last I heard they were holding auditions at the beginning of this month. And literally seeing anyone. Since then, no updates.

Many people, after seeing the performance delivered by Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit, have asked whether or not she'd make a good Katniss. I don't know about this approach. It's like whenever someone young comes along and leaves an impression, suddenly she's considered for everything. Like a few years back with Abigail Breslin. It kinda lacks imagination. I'm still down with casting an unknown. Or a very little known. Like Ella Purnell. Besides, I'm actually not sure Steinfeld is right for it. She's spunky, precocious, almost wholesome. And Katniss, at least the one in my head, is pretty dark. Moody. She can be deceitful. She ruminates. She's a bitch.

And if you're going to make it someone we know, with a name, that bitch is more Emma Roberts than Hailee Steinfeld.

Oh no I didn't! Did I just throw that down? I did. If it came to a choice between the two, I go with Emma.

Are we fighting?

Ps. There's been speculation that Landon Liboiron from Degrassi is in the mix for Peeta.

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