Seriously…the nerve of this bitch. How arrogant is this???

Check out Shelf Ass Biel in LA yesterday turning a camera against the paps, no doubt mounting a ridiculous claim that her privacy is constantly being invaded, hypocritically and literally burning the hand that feeds her.

Yes. The paparazzi feeds Shelf Ass Jessica Biel.

Because otherwise…who IS Jessica Biel? Had you heard of Jessica Biel last year? Before she started parading that posterior around at the beach and with her dogs, did you have any idea who the f&ck she was???

And yet she’s just signed on as a producer for the film adaptation of Die a Little AND she’s won the coveted role opposite Jakey Gyllenhaal in Nailed, a screenplay in progress being written by David O’Russell and Kristin Gore, a political satire about some chick who gets nailed in the head and turns into a nympho and gets sexually exploited by an amoral senator.

Somehow Jessica believes she landed the role by virtue of her virtuoso performance in the cinematic gem Stealth. Or maybe it was I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry? Or was it her butchering of her English accent in The Illusionist?

Simply put, this girl has no business landing a role like this one. And yet she’s done so in two ways, neither of which have to with acting achievement:

1. on the strength and the astounding perkiness of her Shelf Ass
2. by dating Justin Timberlake

and then splashing both on every tabloid thanks to the tireless and brilliant efforts of a mastermind publicist.

So now she's is blowing off the paps? Everyone’s an ingrate.

PS. Those boots suck.

photos from Splash