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AMEX has invited me to become an AMEX Ambassador, sharing with you the benefits of AMEX Membership including events and Exclusive experiences throughout the year. I accepted because my job for the last, OMG, almost 10 years has been an Ambassador of Gossip.  Since my career is a crusade for Gossip, this is validation that Good Gossip need not be considered a shameful indulgence. Good Gossip is as worthy as good sport, perhaps even more so. Because, as I argued in my TED Talk, Gossip is anthropology; it’s the hieroglyphic we’re leaving behind for future generations. This is how they will know us. Good Gossip, then, deserves first class treatment – Platinum treatment. Because Gossip is a full service Platinum experience.

Remember when Evgeni Plushenko, the nimble hips of Russia, awarded himself a Platinum Medal after finishing second behind Evan Lysacek at the Vancouver Winter Olympics? It was one of the greatest moments in Sporting Gossip, ever. Platinum is the gossip standard.  And AMEX Platinum is my new card. 

AMEX’s Platinum package looks like something you’d receive at an award ceremony. It’s the appropriate dressing for the benefits that come with Membership. They will pamper you – like a celebrity. Especially when you travel. You want to cruise past the security line at the airport? Done. You want to hide in the executive lounge before your flight, throw back a few cocktails (free, obviously) and fill up so you don’t have to eat plane food? Done. You want to use some of your credits to upgrade to business class and sleep flat on your back until you get to your destination? Done.

You need a personal assistant? That too.

The Platinum Concierge is basically a team of people on call 24/7 whose mission is to offer you convenience. And to me, Efficiency is worth more than money. If you’re an addicted multi-tasker like I am, if every 10 minute block of your day is strictly accounted for, if you’re working 3 jobs and you sleep an average of 4 hours a night, and you’re managing kids/a book/aging parents/etc, Efficiency is the magic word. This is the gift of the Platinum Concierge.

As I head out in a few weeks on my book tour, hitting 9 cities in 12 days, the Platinum Concierge is going to be my best friend – for the sake of Good Gossip. The ultimate goal: no interruption to your gossip schedule.

There are a lot of other benefits available to all AMEX Cardmembers (not only Platinum) including extended warranty protection when you buy products, Trip Cancellation, Emergency Medical, Car Rental theft and damage and other peace-of-mind insurance perks.  And all the while, you earn transferrable Membership Rewards that you can move to Aeroplan or Avios. This is another bonus that attracted me – the Aeroplan compatibility. I’ve been accumulating Aeroplan for years. And I don’t have to give that up.

So, yes, while this is a sponsored relationship, it only works if it enhances the Gossip. A blinds this week …and I’m optimistic that the yield continues to be strong. Over the next few months then, I’ll blast out the odd tweet when I find my new card is delivering, and I’ll also hit you with a series of blog posts to tell you about the benefits.  I’ll also be sharing experiences, access offered by Amex throughout the year through their Unstaged events and other front-of-the line access benefits.  Because it might take that many to cover them.  Especially if you travel. 

Watch for more on the blog over the next few months, as well as on my Twitter, and please hit up American Express Canada’s Facebook page, their Platinum page, or the main site to see which card is a fit for you.

This post was sponsored by Amex Canada.  The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

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