Dear Gossips,

This is usually the space where I link to articles and recommended reads. Today I am shamelessly linking to an article in the new issue of Flare Magazine that I wrote about LaineyGossip. We started out as a newsletter to two people in 2003. And we became a blog a year later. It’s been 13 years. Thank you so much to those of you who’ve been visiting since the beginning.

At the beginning, it was just me. And now there are 7 of us posting regularly on the site, all women, with big assists from Emily, our site coordinator. Flare’s theme this month is about work and business. So I wrote about our work and our business of gossip. And how, in this business of gossip, we work together and support each other. If you are interested in reading about how we’ve grown and what our priorities have been, please click here for my latest Flare column.

We know we can do a lot better and we know we still have gaps. And we hope you continue to visit this site as we try to improve. Thanks again for all the times you’ve come here to find out about Beyoncé or Brange or Taylor or Tom or Harry. And thanks for all the times you’ve yelled at us or shared with us. Please keep yelling at us and sharing with us. We love and treasure it all.

Yours in gossip,


PS. This photo of (L-R) Joanna, Kathleen, Sarah, Duana, and me was taken during TIFF. We don’t have a full team photo yet because we’re spread out in different cities. One day!