These vampire conventions are everywhere. Just one season old, Vampire Diaries is popular enough to have a travelling convention. And the stars of the show were at the convention in Australia yesterday to solicit the all important international audience. This is where a lot of the money comes from – overseas syndication.

I’m asked to post more of Ian Somerhalder all the time. And every time I tell you that I cannot tolerate his hair. And all the time you tell me that I would be able to tolerate his hair a lot more if I watched the show because his character is some kind of naughty sexy beast. To which I say...really? Him? Egg?

Oh I miss the Bluths. So much.

Anyway, here’s the aforementioned follicle fontrum from Somerhalder along with his costars Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley engaging the fans in Melbourne. You don’t think there’s some Jared Leto happening in his future?

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