Ian Somerhalder was in London last night. He was photographed outside the Groucho Club with an unidentified woman on his arm and a takeout bag in one hand. At least I think it’s a takeout bag. And I am more curious about the contents of the takeout bag than I am about who she is. Or, specifically, about the takeout/doggy bag etiquette. Was he on his way to the Groucho Club from dinner? Would you take a doggy bag inside a social club? I would totally want to, because food should never be wasted, but I would feel weird about it. Did he get his doggy bag from the Groucho Club? Does the Groucho Club provide doggy bags? Who would need a doggy bag from the Groucho Club? Not Kate Moss.

Here’s what makes me crazy about doggy bags when you’re travelling -- there are seldom microwaves in hotel rooms. If I were ever asked to design a hotel, this is what I would make standard in my hotel rooms:

-electric kettle (to boil hot water, my favourite drink)
-foot stools (for under the desk, short people hate dangling feet)
-curling iron
-dental floss
-garbage cans with a lid that fit into their separate cupboards with a door so you can’t smell your food containers

There’s more but I left my notebook of lists (who else has one of these?) in the car.

Anyway, Ian, as you know, is no longer dating Nina Dobrev. Both vampire relationships are now over. Interestingly enough, he was in Toronto earlier this month, at an event for Cree lightbulbs and while there, I hear that he was apparently telling people about his previous trips to the city with his “ex-fiancee”. That is supposedly what he called her. I guess it doesn’t matter now.

Thanks BR!