Dear Gossips,

I was just namechecking the Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Conan ride along yesterday! (Click here for a refresher!) And then they did another one! They just posted it last night – see below. Normally if I’m not high it’s not funny to me watching other people get high. But have you ever seen Cube smile so much?

As mentioned yesterday, Cube and Kevin are promoting Ride Along 2, opening next week. But it also doesn’t hurt that we’re 48 hours from the Oscar nominations deadline. And Straight Outta Compton has a chance at one. Universal, very astutely, also just released the film for home viewing – the director’s cut is now available on iTunes. Totally watching that this weekend. Can you imagine? NWA at the Oscars? I feel like it’s too good to be true.

But everyone is hustling now. All week long the contenders have been making last minute pitches to make sure to get on the ballot. Except for Leonardo DiCaprio, who has his feet kicked up, so confident that that nomination is locked down. True. It is. But what about the win?

Yours in gossip,