One of the biggest snubs coming out of the Golden Globe nominations yesterday was the exclusion of Straight Outta Compton from the Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical category. Here are the five films that made the cut:

The Big Short
The Martian

None of them are musicals. And not all of them are comedies. Of that list, Joy is the stretch. To call it a comedy is a stretch. But then otherwise how do you get Bradley Cooper to show up, you know?

Does Golden Globe exclusion hurt Compton’s Oscar chances though? Probably not, especially since the Screen Actors Guild nominated it for a Best Ensemble SAG just the day before. SAG is a better predictor, and the fact that SAG recognised Compton only makes the Globes look kinda dumb for not.

Which is why Ice Cube isn’t bothered. Then again, even if he was bothered, he wouldn’t show it anyway.