Idris Elba is my second choice prediction.

Arguments for:
-The cool factor: Idris’s charisma automatically neutralises the cheesiness of the Sexiest Man Alive title. It wouldn’t be embarrassing the way he would wear the crown, you know?
-Same goes for it being a joke. It is a joke. But while it could be seem as a detriment to actors like Jake G and Ryan Gosling who can kinda take themselves too seriously, Idris has the attitude and the charisma to turn that in his favour. He’s already a party DJ. And a kickboxer. And he’s still respected. So it’s not like this would take away from any of his gravitas.
-His movie 100 Streets is coming out. Would certainly help the film.
-So many people want him to be James Bond.
-Women adore Idris. But he also has the respect of men. No man is going to look at Idris Elba on the cover of the Sexiest Man Alive issue and be like, bullsh-t. 

Arguments against:
-None here. But if we haaaave to stretch…
-So many people, ahem, certain kinds of people, don’t want him to be James Bond
-Idris is not American. And, generally, PEOPLE doesn’t go back to back with non-American SMA selections

Odds: 3 to 1

Here’s Idris at the London premiere of 100 Streets today.