He doesn't know it but that doesn't matter. We're tight, Idris and I. 

So it was Saturday at Roy Thomson Hall for the gala premiere of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. Etalk broadcasts live into the theatre from the carpet during arrivals for half an hour. We all take turns through the two weeks. They ask us to make our picks, but it's never guaranteed that we'll get it. As you can imagine, I wanted Idris Elba.

Normally during our shows, the crew isn't all that excited. They're there to do a job. They've seen almost all of it before. For Stringer Bell though they were present. Even Dylan had a little more jump. And he did not disappoint.

There was sensitivity in his answers about playing Mandela. He was humbled by the fans who sang happy birthday to him when he arrived. He was a badass when I asked him about his clothes, dropping a stutter step before flipping up his soles.


The best part of it was that he lifted us all. Everyone was in a great mood after. That's what the best stars do -- they entertain.