Oscar season Idris?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 12, 2013 18:42:53 July 12, 2013 18:42:53

Deadline posted an article earlier this week about the upcoming award season and the possibility that it might actually be more diverse this year than it has been, maybe, ever. Fruitvale opens this weekend after coming out strong from Sundance. Then there’s The Butler, and Twelve Years A Slave, and Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. All films feature lead actor performances that are said – and I know it’s early – to be worthy of nominations. That’s Michael B Jordan, Forest Whitaker, Chewitel Ejiofor, and Idris Elba playing Mandela.

Can you imagine? Four out of the five spots going to black actors. Jordan, Whitaker, Ejiofor, Elba…and Tom Hanks!?

Cynicism might be your immediate response and I don’t blame you. But someone once said that it starts with a dream…

A teaser for Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom has now been released. The story focuses primarily on his early years but this preview shows an older Mandela, surrounded by children, walking up a hill as Ebla’s voice, as Mandela, plays over the shot. If the sound of it is any indication, they’re right about Elba delivering. Listen to all of it, but especially how he says the word “learn”. Beautiful.

Check out Elba at the Pacific Rim Hollywood premiere on Tuesday night. I’d been saving these to post today because the movie is now in theatres – are you going this weekend?

Here’s a detail from my Elba-Charlie Hunnam interview that I’ve not shared yet:

I asked them what it would be like if they “drifted” together in a jaeger. “Drifting” is what they call it in the movie when the two pilots connect through their brains to achieve the best possible synergy to operate the robot. They answered by play-flirting with each other and dropping a Grindr reference, not unlike the way One Direction gay-baits as Dean wrote about a few months ago. It was sex-positive. It was, OBVIOUSLY, awesome. And that’s when I passed out because I don’t remember much of what happened after.


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