If he’s been there before I can’t find any pictures. Check out Idris Elba last night in New York at Anna Wintour’s for a pre-MET Gala dinner. As you know, he’s co-chairing with Anna and Taylor Swift. For the first time ever, E! will be broadcasting Live From The Red Carpet at the event this year, like they do at the Oscars and the Globes, etc. It’s the f-cking MET Gala. You think someone’s gonna pull an #askhermore face? At the MET Gala?!?

I’ve covered the MET Gala twice for etalk. It’s the best. The best for dress porn. The best for all kinds of fashion porn. And the best too, in my position at least, for no pressure. If you get an interview at the MET Gala, it’s a bonus. Mainly though, we’re there for b-roll. We’re there to just observe. Nobody needs to talk at the MET Gala. Why are we talking? The whole point is the COSTUME.

So… if E! is mounting cameras from 80 positions and just letting them run concurrently for our style porn pleasure, I’m down. But if my porn-watching is affected by an entirely unnecessary interview getting in the way of a spectacular dress going up the stairs, why am I not hitting up a totally different feed where I can enjoy myself in peace?