I don’t know if it was because of the Monday traffic or the fact that people are stupid and I hate them, but I can only find, like, 5 shots of Idris Elba at the Emmys. Kaley Cuoco? No problem. She probably got there at noon. Idris Elba? Who was a nominee? Idris Elba? Who is everything for everyone?

Less than 10. And I’m not sure I’m even seeing his feet here. What the f-ck, red carpet photographers? Why are you waking up to a reality in which Kaley Cuoco is a more popular photo subject than Idris Elba? And don’t tell me it’s the dress. Because Kaley Cuoco’s dress is not worth your megabytes. No dress Kaley Cuoco could ever wear is worth more megabytes than looking at Idris Elba in a tuxedo. So, tell me, how do we fix this?