You know what?

I thought about breaking down this article for you but…why?

You’re not paying attention. You’re looking at these photos. You’re watching the video below. And you can’t process anything. I understand. It took me a while too. Because this man, Idris Elba, this man is universal. Straight woman, gay woman, straight guy, gay guy… ALL. For this man. Right?

The writer quotes one of his friends in the piece, a straight dude, as follows:

"He's the only actor where I kind of want him to pick me up and hold me."

EVERYONE is attracted to Idris Elba. Yes, he’s hot as f-ck. But also because he’s cool as f-ck.

Can you imagine showing up for an interview with Idris Elba and he’s cooking for you? (I just…I wish he’d stop reminding me of his music video. I worked so hard to un-see it.)

Anyway, click here to read the profile. It’s a good one.