I’ve already mentioned that Luther is my jam. You need to get on that if you haven’t already. There are a few shows that I can’t talk about too much because...corny as it is to say... my feelings for them are so intense, I still want to keep them private, like a secret relationship. Roll your eyes, I deserve it.

Anyway, Luther is one of those shows. And also Breaking Bad.  

These men are complicated, Luther and Walt. They don’t make the right choices - especially Walt f-cking Walt. They cannot be conventionally defined. Playing them then requires a certain... fearlessness.

But you know that already about Idris Elba if you’ve followed his career. And The Wire.

Also, um, don’t tell me you don’t feel some stirring in the parts that stir just looking at the man. Try to forget that he sings. I have almost forgotten, like they say in (simplified) Tai Chi theory - unlearn your way to nirvana. And there’s a non-singing Idris Elba waiting for you there.

F-ck, I must be tired. Suddenly all those Chinese soap operas are coming back to me.

One quick minor, minor complaint... ? Because Tai Chi doesn’t totally work on a nitpicky cow.

Do you find the phrase “I want to thank” a little pretentious? Just thank! Why do you have to SAY you “want to” before the thanking??? It’s so EXTRA.

(Jacek just told me maybe I should take a rage-releasing nap soon.)