Happy Thanksgiving, America!

And look! New photos of Idris Elba for all of us, not just Americans, to be thankful for!

Here’s Idris in London launching his collection at Superdry, fresh off his Independent Spirit Award nomination for his performance in Beasts Of No Nation in the supporting actor category. Right now, for Oscar, supporting actor looks wide open. Idris, Michael Keaton, and Mark Ruffalo are leading nomination odds but there’s no slamdunk frontrunner. Idris, then, is his film’s best hope to represent on February 28th. Which is probably the conversation he’d rather be having instead of being asked about James Bond.

Like at this point he sounds annoyed about it.

A couple of days ago, Variety posted an interview with Idris about Beasts Of No Nation and then worked in a Bond question. Here’s how that went down:

Were you mortified by James Bond author’s comments that you were “too street” for the role?

Why not?
I was honestly doing other things. I didn’t pay attention.

I know you get asked about James Bond a lot.
I do. I really have nothing constructive to say about James Bond. Apart from, it’s just a rumor.

Do you think there could be a day where James Bond isn’t white?
Yeah. James Bond is a spy. He could be any color, surely.

I’m sure he wasn’t a dick about it but you can read the tone from that, can’t you? He is so f-cking over it.

Click here to read the full Variety interview with Idris Elba.