Jacek and I have had three dogs since we’ve been together. Our first dog, Marcus, aka Prick Face, left us September 17, 2015. He came back to us in the form of an orchid ten days later which I know sounds crazy but you take what you can in moments of grief.

I never thought I’d be a dog person. But now that I’m a dog person, I can’t picture myself as not a dog person. Seeing someone with a dog, for me, is the equivalent of a good handshake. You know how when someone shakes your hand and it’s firm and they look you in the eye, your first impression is that they might be solid? People with firm handshakes aren’t always solid people, and people with dogs probably aren’t always good people (in fact people with dogs who don’t pick up their dog’s sh-t are terrible people) but these are the weird personal assumptions we make. Also? Seeing a guy with a dog makes him instantly hotter.

Idris Elba is already hot, without assistance from a dog. But here’s Idris Elba in Vancouver yesterday on the set of The Mountain Between Us, with a dog, and he’s exceeding hotness levels, even by his standards. The dog agrees. Look at that shot of the dog sweetly gazing up at Idris. Hi Idris. I love you. Where are we going next? I will follow you. That dog is me.