The world is a mess. Mon francais est un peu rouillé mais je voudrais dire que je suis desoleé and je suis surtout desoleé qu’il faut etre desoleé si frequemment.

But…I’m here to offer new photos of Idris Elba. He’s promoting Star Trek Beyond. He’s wearing pink t-shirt and jeans. He’s perfect.

Also, he’s up on his gossip.

During an interview this week, Idris was presented with a tank top:


Those are the initials of the reporter, an obvious reference to Tom Hiddleston’s “I (heart) TS” tank top during #Taymerica. And, during the interview, as soon as he sees his tank, he starts laughing. And he starts saying “I’ve seen this. This is, ahm, this is, uh, Tom…” And then the reporter interrupts before we could get his thoughts!  Idris started to say something about it before the reporter interrupted!

Starts at 3:00:

Would he really wear it if he “proper loved” (my new favourite expression and I’m going to start killing it immediately) someone? Why not, is his answer. As IF!

By the way, Idris was nominated for Emmy for Outstanding Performance in a Limited Series (Luther) yesterday. In the same category as Benedict Cumberbatch and, yes, Tom Hiddleston.