Idris Elba was at the MTV EMAs the other night. God.Damn. In that shirt with just the rigggghhtt amount of cling. Wearing the f-cking sh-t out of those pants. And that leather jacket. That’s really all you need in this post. But the UK Sun is reporting that he was making moves with model Jourdan Dunn that night. They were seen getting close at an after-party and supposedly left together holding hands. Here’s a photo from Instagram of Idris seemingly incapable of staying too far away from her:

Keep in mind it was just a week ago that the British tabloids were trying to make Idris and Madonna happen, a claim he denied quite rigorously on Twitter. So far, no denial yet from Idris, although Jourdan certainly doesn’t have the profile of Madonna and the speculation hasn’t made that much of an impact. Still, if I’m Naiyana Garth, these back to back hookup rumours aren’t encouraging, if they’re still together, that is. Doesn’t look like it anymore?

In other Idris news, he has a new movie opening this week in the UK, 100 Streets. Trailer is below. Keep this in mind for later. That scene with him, shirtless, holding Gemma Arterton with his head buried in her neck? I know they’re crying and it’s a painful moment but I appreciate the visual.