As promised in today’s open, we are here, if you’ll have us, for the distraction. And we have all been given a distraction by Idris Elba. Yesterday I posted his new Interview Magazine cover. Today there are new pap shots – please enjoy them while we talk about his interview with Jon Favreau.

Idris and Jon are members of the Marvel Universe. And most recently worked together on the blockbuster The Jungle Book. What I like about this conversation, this dynamic, is that when you put an actor in a position like this, where he’s being interviewed and is supposed to be the “subject” of the piece, but is also aware that the person asking him the questions might be someone who’ll cast or re-cast him, the discussion takes on a different shape.

Think of how Justin Timberlake might sound being interviewed by a reporter. Right up his own ass, non? But what if Justin Timberlake was being interviewed by, say, Ang Lee? He’s not so quick to take credit for everything and everyone, is he?

And that’s not to say that, please, Idris and JT are anything alike on acting talent or personality, but as entertainers, they do share an ego. You have to have one as a performer. It’s an essential attribute to the profession. Ego to ego, actor to director, this is what we’re reading here in the Interview article. Idris Elba wants to be a director. He shares this with Jon Favreau who has directed very good films. And he does it… publicly. Like, remember, this conversation is for a magazine. It’s not in private, like at a party. Idris also reveals that he’s asked the same of Ben Affleck. Ben told him to call. He never did.

What follows ends up being kinda inside baseball but, nevertheless, it’s a good read for insight into Idris’s career and how Idris sees his own career, where he wants to position his career. Click here to read it.