Quick recap: Iggy Azalea’s fiancé, Nick Young, was caught on video boasting about cheating on her. They are still together. She’s still wearing her engagement ring. And yesterday she was on the radio in Tampa talking about the situation, basically confirming that the incident didn’t break them up. There was also a lot of tough talk:

So she's engaged to a professional athlete - known for their faithfulness - and he's been busted for allegedly stepping out on her. And now she's fronting all big and bad like she's in control of the situation. Like she's the boss in the relationship. Even though she doesn't really know if he's been cheating on her or not because that video that came out wasn't slam dunk proof positive evidence. That's not my definition of control. Bravado? Definitely. And by definition, bravado is kinda fraud. Which is why I don't believe her. Which is why this doesn't move me. Which is why there's nothing here that's making me fist-pump all like, finger snap, you go girl. It's the reaction she's going for. But I suspect that’s not the reaction she’s getting. Because, at least not to me, it’s not reading authentic. Which is actually the larger problem with her career overall. I’ve never been a believer in Iggy Azalea. Both in her attitude and, well, in the situation. And there’s update to it.

A girl in Memphis has text messages, claiming that she and Nick have been dealing with each other for a while. Click here to see. So is he losing part of his dick?