Sergio Ramos. I just love saying that name. SERGIO RAMOS!

It’s a fun name to say, isn’t it? I wonder if it’s totally ordinary for Spanish speakers though. Like, is Sergio Ramos the equivalent of, I dunno, Scott Johnson? Scott Johnson is definitely not fun to say.

Sometimes Fernando Torres looks like he wears makeup. He has great skin. But how about his kids? How about all their kids?

Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero don’t have kids. But they’re saying the first step towards that might be on Saturday, July 7th. According to some sketchy Spanish reports, they’re getting married next weekend. Oh I hope so. God I hope so. God I hope they kiss more. Because look at this. How can this be wrong?

No, there was no kiss at the end of their interview like last time after Spain won the World Cup. BUT, Iker did interrupt Sara’s interview with Xavi and put his mouth all over her face. I just can’t find that video on YouTube. If you can, please send!

In the meantime there’s this one from the semi-finals against Portugal - Sara reacts to Iker stopping Moutinho. Cute, right? And this. And this. And this too.

Stop. It’s too much.