All sports streaks come to an end. I thought today would be the end of my obsession. That Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, off on holiday, would disappear for a while with no photos.

Ole! We live another day!

And this time, it’s a little close.

They are in San Francisco. They were spotted buying t-shirts. Even souvenir shopping they can’t stop touching. Please! I die with quiver. And how cute, she’s taking a photo of him for a fan. Am so into the way she wears her jeans. Yeah, he’s not bad either. He’s also super, super rich. And he’s all walking around San Francisco, flying commercial, no burly security. Jesus Christ, it’s too f-cking much.

And San Francisco?

I am in San Diego. This is not far, all things considered. It’s a lot closer than Madrid. Am very tempted to bail on Comic-Con. Maybe they’ll come to Comic-Con? Maybe he’s a closet Star Wards nerd? Maybe SHE’s a matching Harry Potter nerd? No. If they turn out to be Star Wars/Harry Potter nerds, I will actually explode with want.

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