Not that there was any doubt, but in the absence of new photos, and rumours of his infidelity with some trick, it’s a relief to see them together, Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas, here in Madrid last night after leaving a bar. Iker has already denied the claims and supposedly said he’d sue the magazine that printed the original story. Oh Iker, don’t be one of those, don’t be empty with your litigiousness. Don’t be Ashton and Chris Martin.

As for Sara, I love it all but especially her legs. She has great legs. And she never has to worry about boots cutting her off at the wrong place.

Anyway, I haven’t allowed myself to watch it since...well... since that first week. Makes me too giddy. Today seems like a good time though. I’m kicking off my birthday week. Silliness will prevail.

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