Did you go? I’ve heard from a few of you who were there. SO MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE! I would have wanted to be there. But, um, even if I could have been there, I probably would have last minute pussied out of being there because of the toilet situation. I can’t use the portable kind. And I am so neurotic about that sh-t that it would be the only thing on my mind.

Having said that, there were so many poo signs! Jodi D was there and took a photo of a poo sign (attached) and there’s a poo sign here, #11, although I’m partial to #18, but #41 is pretty amazing too. Click here to see the top 100.

Attached – Stewart and Colbert, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, John Legend, and Tony Bennett.

But people are still yelling at each other on the internets. Don’t think there’s a rally that can cure that.


Photos from Wenn.com and Kris Connor/Win McNamee/Gettyimages.com