Don’t tell me what happened in Project Runway Canada this week. It’s on PVR. Like I said, I have serious PVR memory stress. It’s inching towards 75%. Am panicking.

Anyway, Project Runway in the US has finally been given the green light to move ahead after a legal battle kept the new season off the air. We in Canada have been able to compare and contrast. I am telling you. Heidi disappears after you’ve watched Iman. Heidi is vanilla paint.

This is Iman in the new issue of Hello! Canada. It’s a great interview, great because she’s so smart. And isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, as you would know if you’re a fan of PRC. She also uses her experience wisely, and she doesn’t sugarcoat her past either:

I’ve done my share of everything, like any young girl, from partying to experimenting with drugs. I’ve done all that. But I’ve always known when to leave the party … I’ve been in the fashion industry over 30 years now. Whenever I miss a party, people always say, “That was the best party!” I say, “You know how many times I’ve heard that?” Every day there’s the “best” party.

And I love this quote – I love the reference to “girls like me” when discussing how she and David Bowie came together:

The right timing in our lives. He was ready; I was ready. The careers had been done. We both knew that the family would be a priority … I had been a fan. I’d go to his shows. I ran into him several times, and a couple of times he invited me to come to the party. I’d say, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll see you there.” I never went. I know why girls like me are invited to those parties! I’m glad I didn’t, because it was the wrong time, and it would probably never have worked out.

PS. She says she cooks for him. And that there’s no question that he likes it because it tastes good. David Bowie is afraid of Iman too. Heh.

Hello! Canada is on sale now.