It’s a momentous day. There hasn’t been a day like this in almost 20 years. Today, Judy Blume releases her new book, In The Unlikely Event.

I know a lot of you feel the way Lainey and I feel about that. That Judy Blume ushered you through your childhood, was accessible but not overbearing and condescending in your adolescence, and somehow seemed to be a friend who’d always been there in adulthood.

I’ve loved all the Judy Blume books – have referenced Katherine and Margaret and the lesser knowns like Tony Miglione or Karen Newman all within the last few months. (Lainey: Deenie!) I reread Summer Sisters about once a year. If you read it, you know why. Because you’ve had a friend like that.  We all have.

In The Unlikely Event is about friends, and about when you should stay close to your family and when not, and pinpointing the moment when you become grown up. I encourage you to run out and get it – but then savor it slowly. Don’t gulp it all down at once.

But don’t go too slow, either. We’ll have a full review here on Monday. Blume has been saying in the press that it’s her last book. She’s 77. Let’s send her off the way we want to.

See you back here, novels sweaty in our clutches, on Monday.