Anything is possible, it could very well be true. And even though it’s not impossible for In Touch to get it right, the fact that it comes from In Touch Weekly is suspect enough. Still… anything is possible.

Another problem though is that the magazine says George Clooney and Sarah Larson are done. Because their backgrounds were just too different.


Why would that matter?

Why would it matter NOW that their backgrounds are different? That’s the whole point, isn’t it? George Clooney doesn’t need compatibility, George Clooney needs a warm, hot body who won’t ask for a ring. An apartment, yes. Some clothes, easy. Vacations, absolutely. But not marriage.

And Sarah’s the kind of girl who’s smart enough not to.

Having said that… they claim it’s done. And gossip is a buffet. You pick what you believe, although their current cover pretty much kills any credibility.

Brad fears for the babies.


Clearly they didn’t see Angelina, the picture of perfect pregnancy, in Cannes.

And finally… have you had a chance to read the full Harper’s Bazaar article  featuring Sarah Larson? This girl is smug. According to In Touch, she’s eating sh*t now. Do you believe?