Dear Gossips,

I wrote yesterday in the Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton post that in the new year, the tabloids would make them pregnant. They couldn’t wait a week. Check out the new cover of IN TOUCH Weekly. STAR Magazine is going with it too…

Because they went to publication before Gwen and Blake were seen at a wine tasting in Santa Barbara on Monday?

Thanks for all your messages yesterday in response to the Leonardo DiCaprio article and how the upcoming Year of the Monkey will affect those born in the Year of the Tiger and others – click here for a refresher. Still too early for my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, to put together her readings. As in previous years though, will try to post her annual precautions in time to celebrate Chinese New Year. Right now, let’s try to quietly get out of 2015.

Yours in gossip,