Media screenings are happening this week. Everyone coming out of Inception is jerking off over Christopher Nolan’s latest brilliance. Like, everyone. And just in time too. Inception opens July 16 following a smartly paced, cleverly strategised marketing campaign that teased just enough and not too much and as such, should deliver both critically and commercially which is not to say that it’ll do Toy Story numbers, but well enough to be considered a hit and, having made its money, on to perhaps an awards season run. Yeah, apparently it’s THAT good.

And finally, in July, there emerges a contender.

While Leonardo DiCaprio is kicking it in South Africa for the World Cup having flown over there with Ebola Hilton on some rich guy’s private jet (way to save the environment, Leo), his co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page (jumpy claps!) were spotted at LAX, presumably on their way to begin an intense round of promotion before the film opens next week.

Joe is also featured in this month’s Details, a rather pedestrian blow-hardy piece about how he overcame the curse of 3rd Rock and has emerged as an “artiste”. I like Joe ok, but I could use a little less ... poetry and Proust, you know what I mean? Because don’t they all turn to poetry and Proust? Click here to read the full article.

As you know, Inception includes Marion Cotillard too. She’s in Paris though, just beginning work on Woody Allen’s latest, photographed on set today looking, well, beautifully French. There have been some unconfirmed reports out of France lately that Marion and Guillaume Canet are done. Nothing slamdunk, nothing resembling reliable. But... I worry. Will keep you posted.

Photos from Hot Shots Worldwide/KCSPresse/