The most ungrateful bitch in television packed up with her husband and headed for holiday in Cancun yesterday wearing her MiniVan Majority hairstyle and those unflattering white jeans.

As you know, the Princess of AssTalk angered many last week when she publicly announced she’d withdrawn from Emmy nomination because in her opinion Grey’s Anatomy writers gave her sucky material to work with. She called it an “honour” move for her fellow actors. Everyone else is calling her a capital C.

Some believe Katherine Heigl very much wants to be released from her contract with the show, confident now in her box office appeal and still feeling “disrespected” that she doesn’t get paid as much as Ellen Pompeo, especially since, in her mind, she’s like the heart and soul of the show.

So now she wants to make movies full time. But because they won’t let her out of her commitment, she’s trying to make it as ugly as possible, doing whatever it takes without alienating the readers of People Magazine and Oprah Winfrey who think she’s “doing the right thing”.

You will note – People did NOT cover this story. Not one word.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

If I were Shonda Rhimes I wouldn’t fire her ass. I’d keep her. I’d hold her to the show for as long as possible. Just because it’s what she doesn’t want. I’d give her the worst storylines ever. Let her keep making out with George. Let her become the least compelling character at Seattle Grace. Let her fanbase dwindle from disinterest. Then when no one cares anymore, then she can start making straight to dvd movies.

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