The Princess of AssTalk wants off Grey’s Anatomy which is why she mouthed off a couple of weeks ago about the weakness of the writing, hiding her ulterior motives behind a pathetic attempt at “honour” to fleece the MiniVan Majority.

You will note…People Magazine has still not reported on the story.

The seeds of Katherine Heigl’s discontent however go way back. My sources tell me exclusively that she’s been pissy for a while now, since before last season. Studio executives and producers had been requesting to ramp up her press requirements, putting her on par with Patrick Dempsey in terms of popularity, especially notable since she had been fighting for the same salary. But because they hadn’t caved in to exactly her demands, am told she not only refused, she threw it in their faces when she was more than accommodating with scheduling press for her film commitments.

Turns out Katie was harbouring a grudge. Apparently when the show started to buzz, Katie supposedly had her sights set on a house in the Hollywood Hills. She pretty much stormed ABC and demanded that they give her a loan but was promptly told to suck it. Katie did not take it well, insisting that the studio front her the money for a house with the kind of security system worthy of an emerging star of her stature.

Needless to say…again…they told her to beat it.

She has been bitter about it ever since. And now that she’s been able to move over to the big screen, the f&ckery continues. She intends to keep up with her shenanigans until she gets what she wants: to be discharged from Seattle Grace.

Best part is though… am told that Shonda Rhimes was in a series of meetings last week and made it quite clear: she will NOT release Katherine Heigl. At least not until she feels Izzie Stevens has nothing left to give. Right now… Izzie still has many gifts.

Which means that ungrateful bitch will stay. And she will sulk. And she will hate it. And it will make my life.

Here’s Heigl supporting her husband at one of his shows the other night.

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