Dear Gossips,

Today is International Women’s Day. And a “Day Without Women”. Many women around the world are striking, participating in marches, gathering together in support of gender equality, of each other. And wearing red to show solidarity. I am wearing red today. But, to be honest, I still, even as I write this, haven’t decided if we are going dark today. And I’ve been trying to decide for days.

Not every woman can afford to take the day off, it’s just not an option – as many of you well know. Also, what we’ve tried to do here at LaineyGossip is, well, to gossip, of course, but to show that gossip can also be a conversation about equality. Through gossip we can and have discussed discrimination, we have debated social issues, we have confronted privilege, we call out our own entitlement and bias. So I didn’t know if we should silence that today. And I guess that’s what I’m trying to work out with you, in this open.

Over the years, we’ve heard from so many of you who’ve been reading this site as you pursue your goals. This week, a longtime visitor called Olga reached out with an update. The last time we heard from Olga she’d just gotten into med school. Olga is now in her final year and has just received notice of her residency – she’ll be training in OBGYN. She’s going to be a gynecologist! As Olga said in her message:

“I’m excited to build a career caring for women and being part of bigger, essential conversations around women's health.”

Olga is one of the people on my mind today, International Women’s Day. To all the other Olgas out there, thank you so much for coming to this site and making it a part of your routine. I don’t think I want to break that routine.

But I do love what Duana suggested. We will get to current gossip stories today. But we will also be nominating posts from the past to show and celebrate the work of our colleagues.

Women can. Women will.

Yours in gossip,