The other day, the first trailer for the film was bootlegged online. I like it more and more every time I watch. The clip is now legal, I’ve attached below. Now they’ve released an international poster. It hasn’t gone over as well as the video, at least not for me. I’m not sure Blomkvist is supposed to be Lisbeth’s protector. Look at her hand on his arm. It’s inspired by Angelina Jolie? There is a LOT of Jolie happening in this image. Both are tough broads, sure. I’m not sure it’s the same kind of toughness though.

As for the tag line –

Le Mal Sera Chasse Par Le Mal or The Wicked Shall Be Hunted by the Wicked. I like the way that sounds more than The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas. Not that that isn’t cool right off the top, but over time, it becomes a gimmick. Say it the wrong way, with the wrong voice over, and suddenly it’s a Nicolas Cage movie. See?

Note also the website address at the bottom ( using the book’s original title Men Who Hate Women. I’m not sure the poster reflects that either. Anyway, they changed the title for America and they’ll definitely change the poster too, despite the fact that this is the image that director David Fincher personally selected. We’ll see another one soon enough then.

I guess the rationale here is that almost everybody has read the book anyway, and knows the story so they can afford to play around with the imagery, as they’ve clearly done in the trailer with shot selection and no dialogue. Alright. Why not. The Swedish film version is for true interpretation. Hollywood is for slick, big budget, more creativity? Let’s go with this. I’m tired of complaining. And it’s not like I won’t see it. I’ll be first in line.

Anyway, the Vanity Fair piece written by Stieg Larrson’s partner Eva Gabrielsson – has an excerpt and she says that 7 more books were originally planned, perhaps partially written too. They say that’s what she has access to on that laptop he left behind.

Definitely always thought he would have finally brought in Lisbeth’s sister Camilla and am I imagining things or did she learn from her sadist of a father that there were 7 other siblings floating around Europe? Perhaps that’s where it was headed for a complete series of 10.

Click here to read the brief Vanity Fair article – it’s in the issue with Will & Kate on the cover.

I want to buy this soundtrack right NOW.