After the full trailer was released last month, we weren’t supposed to get any more trailers for New New Star Wars. The JJ Abrams School of SECRETY SECRETS is in full effect and it seemed like we’d seen all we were going to see until the movie opens on December 18. But wait! There’s more! An international trailer has arrived and it has a bunch of new footage, including a lot more of Daisy Ridley as Rey talking—is anyone else getting Keira Knightley vibes from her?—as well as the super cute droid BB-8 beeping and booping. BB-8 stuff is going to be a popular last-minute Christmas buy—in the finest George Lucas tradition, that thing was made to be a toy.

We also get to see a ton more of John Boyega and Ridley palling around, though we’re woefully short on Oscar Isaac and his amazing hair. There’s also a shot of Kylo Ren threatening Rey, and I’m starting to get the feeling the main gist of the story is Finn and Rey racing against Ren for something Luke-related. But what I really love in this trailer is how illustrative some of the shots are. There are some big, beautiful wide shots and there is no mistaking that much of this movie was shot in real locations (complete with excess amounts of sand). But even the obviously CGI stuff, like the downed star destroyer, has a lot of tangible detail. These backgrounds do not have the too-slick Photoshoppy look of the prequels—THANK GOD. 41 days until New New Star Wars. Are you ready?