Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey were at Comic-Con this year to present the new trailer for Interstellar. It was a first time for both. Nolan’s one of those directors who doesn’t give anything away before a film’s release. Scripts are said to be hand delivered and actors supposedly have to read them while the person waits outside so that there are never any copies that can potentially be leaked. It works for him. See Inception.

So what do we really learn in this preview?

Well, they find water. And…love. A lot more overtly sentimental, at least in my opinion, than we’re used to seeing from Nolan. Sentimental isn’t usually my jam. But you’ll get me every time with Dylan Thomas.

Do not go gentle into that good night

To me, it’s a poem that can never be overrated. For me, like Dylan Thomas, these were my thoughts to my ma when she was sick, hospitalised for 9 months, hoping she wouldn’t give up. So when you put it in a trailer, read by Michael Caine, when humanity is on the brink…

Well sh-t. Yeah, OK, fine. I’ll go see it. Of course I’ll go see it.