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I was in New York last week on 3 junkets – Harry Potter, Bandslam (which was actually much better and funnier than I expected), and G-Force. Was super, super excited about G-Force, though not the part when I had to screen the movie with a theatre full of children hopped up on candy and popcorn, but the part when I looked down at the schedule and saw that Bill Nighy was assigned.

Bill Nighy!

Some people they disappoint you. Bill Nighy doesn’t disappoint.

I walked into the room when a publicist was taking his lunch order. He looked over at me apologetically, then decided to involve me in the discussion, nodding his head when he asked for Croque Monsieur to solicit my feedback and …


Totally fries, I nodded back.

So that was his selection – Croque Monsieur and fries and “orange juice with a side of tonic”. Hearing him say “orange juice with a side of tonic” I nearly dissolved into a fangirl mess at his feet.

Then he told me he liked my earrings, these ultra tacky ultra 80s gold hoops with LIBRA emblazoned across them that I’d bought at Topshop the day before. Obviously they’re now my favourite.

After the earring compliment he leaned over to shake my hand.

Bill Nighy shakes with two fingers, both hands. So four fingers, two on each side, wrapped around my one hand. It’s exactly the odd, quirky move you want from Bill Nighy. F-cking amazing. And a great sense of humour. Like I desperately wanted him to tell me that Britney Spears is rubbish and I know he totally would have, and probably really would have enjoyed it, but that publicist would have kicked my ass. So we talked about Harry Potter instead, and about how excited he is to be playing Rufus Scrimgeour, and how he had waited a long time to be asked, and that he went for a fitting recently for his robes, and that his costume is badass and he knows Rupert from another movie and he’s a great, talented hid, but that’s all he could say because he was sworn to secrecy and now I can’t remember what else because I was too busy sending him telepathic signals that kept bouncing back but when it was all over he did tell me he was happy to meet me and thanks for lunch.

So now it’s like Bill Nighy and I have had lunch.

Oh yeah, and he wears the sh-t out of his suit in G-Force.

Here he is at the premiere yesterday looking naughty and bemused, the way I love him best.

The other day while golfing I had a terrible fantasy moment: what would happen if forced to choose between Bill Nighy and Alan Rickman?


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