So I just interviewed Eric McCormack (Will Truman, Will & Grace) on the Vancouver set of A&E’s Andromeda Strain. Interview to air on eTalk in a week or so. Maybe because he’s Will or he’s just not sold that way…but it never occurred to me before to quiver for Eric. Until now.

Holy sh-t is he ever handsome. Seriously, seriously suck in your breath handsome. And not short. Which is refreshing. Because they’re all teeny. He’s not a giant, mind you, but he’s a decent height. A good 5 ft 10…makes the minimum.

So he’s starring in this miniseries for A&E – their most expensive project to date with Benjamin Bratt in the role. Super tanned, has a little salt and pepper action going on, hair is even sexier than Patrick Dempsey’s, and best of all…he’s nice. Really, really nice. And funny. So funny. Easy going, not a hint of diva behaviour, not flanked by five handlers and huffing and puffing about the rain – a charming Canadian actor with a great sense of humour.

I asked him about Lindsay Lohan. He joked that he couldn’t talk about it because they’ve had sex. Snort.

Love him.