Charlize Theron left LA yesterday to make the morning show rounds in New York today. Snow White And The Huntsman opens on Friday. My review will be posted later this week.

I saw the movie a few weeks ago in England while on the junket. We were about 90 minutes outside of London, a small town called Arundel, where stands an old castle that they used as the backdrop for the interviews. All of us were nervous for Charlize. The same way you’d be nervous, ironically, for Julia Roberts. It’s the reputation, you know?

I wouldn’t say that Charlize is warm and sweet. Right away you know what she can be. You can feel it simmering down below inside of her. The difference between her bitch and Julia’s though is that Julia’s is out to put you in your place. With Charlize, it’s not as personal. She just doesn’t give a sh-t. And she’ll eat you alive if she sees any weakness.

Having said that, during our interview, while we were not exactly best friends, she was in the mood to play. We talked about her incredible costumes in the film, we talked about how Chris Hemsworth is a lying Australian because he told me she’s the foulest mouthed person he’s ever met, and she laughed a lot, a throaty, bawdy laugh that belongs in a smoky bar with beer all over the floor that sticks to your boots. Remember Uma Thurman in Beautiful Girls? That’s Charlize for real.

Charlize had her mother and her son with her that day. I watched them walking from her makeup trailer to the interview area. She was finishing up whatever she was eating and after she’d brushed off her hands, she reached for Jackson and carried him the rest of the way, cooing at him the whole time. She happened to be wearing flat riding boots that morning. But this was right after those shots of her in heels coming off the private plane were released - click here to see. Someone ended up asking her about how awesome it was that she was able to manage her baby on stilettos and I heard she was a little defensive about that. Like it was no problem for her because she lives in high shoes like other people walk around in flipflop. But how much would you love it if Charlize Theron went off on one of those judgy mommy forums?