Into The Woods singing trailer

Duana Posted by Duana at November 7, 2014 15:51:42 November 7, 2014 15:51:42

I think I peaked too early.

When we got the teaser trailer earlier this year, I was so excited. I was SO excited. I spent the next week walking around going “… I wish”… fully primed. Gagging for it. Click here for a refresher.

And then yesterday morning when I got up at an ungodly hour, I saw tweets basically going “OMG it’s HERE”, like there were erudite adults absolutely jizzing over the arrival of this so-anticipated trailer.

But I watched it and now I feel…whelmed. Maybe even underwhelmed. Am I alone?

I don’t know exactly why but maybe it’s because it feels a wee bit too cartoony? One of Emily Blunt’s faces as she talks about magic beans. Something in Anna Kendrick’s expression as she does a very stagey pratfall-esque somersault through Raggedy-Ann legs. Everything about Johnny Depp’s wolf facepaint.

It’s not that these things won’t be present or will appear out of place when it comes to the actual movie. It’s a takeoff on fairy-tales – there’s got to be some sort of staginess to it. But something about this left me less-warm than I thought, though I appreciated “I was raised to be charming”.   

So, effective right now, I’m going on a media diet for this until I see it. I will allow myself cute appearances on whatever talk show, sure, and premiere pictures, but this movie is too important to my 2015 happiness to be spoiled by Too Much Trailer.

Are you with me?

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